Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dull Knights and the Bounty They Bring

A few years ago, a friend of mine told me the best gift she could give me was the gift of independence. Okay, so it required finding an apartment within my budget when I had no more to my name than a dollar and a dream, but she was right. It's been a long, rocky road, fraught with one economic pitfall after another, but the wisdom of today's card has made the path not only manageable, but also rewarding in ways mere finances could never satisfy.

Some folks find this image disturbing, others take a look at this guy and find his demeanor comforting. How is it for you? Five years ago, I'd look at this card and heave an almighty groan of despair. These days, when the Knight of Disks works his way to the top of my deck, I smile and invite him to stay a while. I suppose it all boils down to how you interpret his message:

   You reap what you sow

Let me rephrase for all those folks in the “if you ain't making dollars, you ain't making cents” corner:

     Get a job + Go to work = Collect Pay*

*This equation works for any manner of personal “currency”, not strictly financial. Want the payout to be in the form of quality time spent with the family, make the following adjustments:

Get a Job Rent a movie + Go to work call the family together = Collect Pay quality time

If you're out there screaming, “you make it sound so easy!” then you understand why this Knight is often met with such disdain. His sensible, deliberate methodology is such a slap in the face to us die-hard optimists adhering religiously to a minimal effort/maximum payout philosophy. At least we can rest easy knowing this knight won't try to sell us on weight-loss scheme that works while sleeping; no short-cuts or snake-oil tactics for this guy. 

When it comes to sticking to tried-and-true methods, this knight is so reliable he's often misrepresented with labels such as: stubborn, dull, even boring. Let's be fair, he also brings desirable traits such as industriousness, patience, and enduring strength to the table, and with traits like these I'll put up with a bit of boring. Besides, nearly every time someone's called me stubborn about something, I was more of the mind that I was just plain passionate. This is the sort of difference of opinion and self-assessment the Knight of Disks is accustomed to.

Sure, he's not flashy. Compared to other Knights in the deck, this one is firmly rooted, with a gaze so fixed upon the horizon his features are but a blur. It's not the Knight himself that demands attention here, but the overall message of him as a factor in his surroundings. This knight understands that the efforts of today impact the manifestations of the future, this same holds true for his approach to health and diet. He's not pausing to lord over his domain, rather he's stopping to replenish the machine which is his body, he's enjoying the rewards (grain) of his efforts (cultivation of the fields), while training his eye towards building upon this success.

When the Knight of Disks shows up it's a good indication that health and finances are a hot topic. Perhaps a business deal is looming on the horizon, or a legal endeavor will finally be settled. The thing to remember here is you get out of it what you put into it. If your finances aren't in order, straighten them out. If you're financially secure (share your tips with me!) then you may want to consider ways to make your money work even harder for you. For those of you who fail to see the connection between health and finances, please share in the comments below the secret to showing up for work while dead.

If you would like to know what message the Knight of Disks has for you, be sure to book a reading!