Dear Rachel

Interested in knowing what the cards hold for you, and saving money at the same time? Then you've come to the right place! Getting a quick reading is easy, and FREE, simply send me a question and make sure the subject is 'Ask Rachel'. You can email me: TarotByRachel(at)aim(dot)com, ask over my Facebook fan page, or even contact me in my Blogfrog community. One reader will be selected at random to have their question answered right here at the “Tarot, by Rachel” blog. “Ask Rachel” will be a weekly feature, every Wednesday.

Not sure what to ask? Some questions I hear frequently are:

What's keeping me from moving on?
What can I do to keep my marriage happy?
What can I do to get this job?
What do I need to know about this person I'm interested in?

In short, pretty much anything that falls into the category of who, what, how, or why is a great place to start.

Have a pressing question and don't want to wait for your question to be randomly selected? Go ahead and book a private reading with me ! The amazing deal of $10.00 readings won't last forever.