Friday, October 15, 2010

Is Your Soul's Source of Water Drinkable?

Bloggers all over the world have taken up the challenge today to discuss a common subject in the hopes of sparking sweeping conversation about a single precious commodity; Water. Yes, my friends, I am one such blogger. World Water Day is right around the corner, and how you get involved this October 22nd, or any other day, is up to you and I certainly encourage you to check out some of the easy options available to you such as this, or even this. Rather than recite a heap of statistics you've probably already heard in other sources, today I'd like to think globally while acting locally, and you really can't get much more local than your self.

When I think of water, I think of Achilles and his vulnerable heel; that tender little spot where his mother held him so delicately while dunking his infant form into the River Styx. Whether used for spiritual strengthening, cleansing or preparation for a transition, water has been referenced in texts far and wide for its ability to draw one closer to the divine. Indeed, sacred bodies of water exist to this very day and are called into use regularly by people of all walks of life. Associated with the qualities of emotion and intuition, water is one of the few universal elements across philosophies worldwide. Just like a single drop of water can overflow a vase, a single person can change the landscape for the better. Let's all strive to be that individual, in our own little way.

The Ace of Cups creates an image of balance and harmony, the reflection of the internal in perfect balance with the external.

The Ace of Cups symbolizes the emotional balance necessary to nurture, support, heal and care for oneself in equal proportion to how one would nurture, support, heal and care for others. Often associated with new relationships, or a sense of recent understanding and the rush of emotion which follows, this Ace indicates a moment of awakening which is marked by love and wisdom. Love in the form of the ray of light illuminating the grail, which is the cobalt blue color of nurturing wisdom. The lotus blossom at the base of the cup is a symbol of divine birth, one's inner divine spirit reflecting outwardly. You may recall that the Empress also carries a lotus to demonstrate her connection to the Ace of Cups and its message. Ultimately, this is a card of perfect balance, supported by love and wisdom, indicating an ability to communicate feelings from a place of emotional integrity, from a place of trust rather than control.

If you would like to know how to bring your internal into balance with your external, along with any other secrets the Tarot may hold for you, please don't hesitate to book a reading. In celebration of Blog Action Day and World Water Day, I'm going to let the Muppets help me sign off.