Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hey Diva, Your Understudy Would Like a Word

Remember when Sebastian Bach was fired from Jesus Christ Superstar before the show in Columbus Ohio? If the multiple standing ovations received by his understudy were any indication, attendees did not miss the lead singer of Skid Row one bit. What's this have to do with the Tarot? Keep reading, my reasoning will reveal itself.

Tarot provides insight into our psyche, shedding light on those areas in our lives where self-improvement is possible, but let's shift gears a little and discuss how Tarot can build confidence and creativity via the therapeutic role-play. Frequently, corporate trainers, therapists, even friends will suggest role-play as a means to grow. Visualization is amazing for creating new habits, I'm certain I've talked about it before. I know I'll talk about it again.

This isn't “Fake it till you make it.”

Sure, there is a level of fantasy and pretend going on, but more than this there's the stepping outside of oneself, adopting a new perspective, and experiencing the sensation of the strange unknown which is often so paralyzing. Have you ever met someone that sticks in a horrible situation simply because it's the one they know best, and the idea of something different is overwhelming? Are you one of those people?

How about a show of hands for all the readers who follow some sort of script as part of their career. I see some telemarketers and customer service reps out there. Yes, I've counted all of you that answer the phone with, “(Name of Company), how may I direct your call?”, there's lots of you! 

The point I'm trying to make is you're already familiar with the concept of role play. You're following a script, after all, doesn't that mean you're acting the part of dutiful employee during business hours? Some of you might even be playing the role of devoted spouse. Just think of the rewards if you weren't playing these roles half-heartedly! But let's not go to extremes; I'm looking at you co-authors of "The Rules", creator of purity balls, and members of Obedient Wives Clubs (past, present and future). Be reasonable.

Want to make life more interesting? 

Play out the rest of the day as if you were the person capable of wielding the Ace of Swords. According to the Arthurian Legend Tarot, that individual was Sir Galahad. Noble, brave, decisive, mental prowess, these are just a few of the keywords often associated with the Ace of Swords. Not a bad start, eh?

How would Sir Galahad play the part of you? You may find, like Sebastian Bach, folks like the understudy better. I suppose you could pepper your conversations with “ye” and “thee”; expect funny looks and suggestions for professional consultation. What I really mean is, how would you behave if you were decisive, clear thinking, filled with the sort of mental prowess that caused people to stop and listen to your insightful wisdom? Try it, with any card you happen to draw*, share your experience in the comments below.

*Sure, this takes a moderate knowledge of the Tarot to put yourself into the mindset of whatever card you happen to draw; don't forget all those tarot related sites just waiting to provide a deeper insight to the meaning of each card. There's always Crowley's Thoth deck, beautiful imagery and handy titles like Valor, Debauchery, and Satiation will get your brainstorm brewing.