Sunday, October 10, 2010

When Traveling Through the Dark, Remember Your Light

I have a recurring dream. Oh, sure, it's not always exactly the same, the details vary, but the underlying theme is the same; I reside within a house within a house, and I love it. A secret garden, if you will. The d├ęcor is always peaceful, the overall feel is that of a sanctuary, and I get a certain sense of comfort when opening up the doors of these hidden rooms to select friends and loved ones. I love wandering these secret hallways as I make my way towards my inner sanctuary, and get downright cranky if I find other people dwelling there without invitation.  Does this mean that I long to live in a house with secret passage ways and hidden rooms, so I can sneak off when I need an oasis? Maybe. I'm sure my friend Rose could provide greater insight, she's a dream interpreter after all. I have a feeling she'll tell me this dream is symbolic of a need for introspection, peace and solitude. Contemplation of this dream would certainly lead to some insight and wisdom, and that is the message which today's card brings.

The hermit is the universal symbol of contemplation, creativity, introspection and the wisdom which comes from experience.

Swathed in the burgundy robes of wisdom and insight, the Hermit wanders alone, equipped with only his lantern of truth and integrity. Desiring only authentic and meaningful encounters, he prefers to keep his distance from society at large, shunning the idea of consuming simply for the sake of competition with one's fellow man. To the Greeks, this man was known as the philosopher Diogenes the Cynical, best known for carrying a lantern in the daytime in his tireless “search for an honest man”. The term “cynic” derives from the Greek word for dog, which is symbolic of the Hermit's steadfast loyalty to those who are truthful and authentic, and his equally tenacious denial of anyone else. What's important to note here is that the Hermit depicted on this card is not holed up in some cave, bedraggled and motionless; instead, we see him moving, traveling and actively searching for those authentic encounters which give rise to creativity and deeper meaning.

Speaking of dogs, notice our hero is not completely alone in his journey. Acting as his traveling companion is Cerberus, the three-headed guardian of the underworld. One of the dog's heads is looking backwards, representing the need to examine past situations when choosing our present and future paths.

At the heart of the card, we discover the lantern's true light source - the sun. Symbolic of growth, creativity, collaborations, and renewal, the sun spark at the center of the lantern indicates the creative spark which the Hermit has vowed to protect. 

The Orphic Egg and the Spermatazoon symbolize the Hermit's ability to give rise to new physical and spiritual forms. The distance between these two symbols is deliberate, as it indicates the Hermit's ultimate desire to facilitate growth and illumination, while also ensuring that the union is significant, authentic and meaningful. Anything short of that which is desired results in the Hermit preferring to be alone. All of these symbols are set against a backdrop of a billowing field of wheat, signifying the old adage that we reap what we sow. From this we can infer that the Hermit will not plant the seed of wisdom into any mind or heart unless it promises to result in a rich harvest. As a sage and source for insight and wisdom, the Hermit holds a key to the secrets of the universe, sharing this precious knowledge with just anyone weakens its significance; therefore, our central hero carries the ultimate burden of choosing who is worthy of this information while ensuring he's operating from a place of integrity and authenticity.

I'm thrilled to report our world is filled with many figures who embody the Hermit archetype, it's wonderful to know that our hero of the day has been able to find enough authentic and meaningful relationships that we are able to still benefit from his wisdom. You may even recognize aspects of the Hermit within yourself from time to time. Specifically those days when you just want some time alone so you can think in peace and clear the clutter from the clogged corners of your mind. You may even recognize the Hermit in the eccentric individual, or private counselor, you seek for guidance when it comes to the deep, dark secrets you don't share with your immediate circle of friends. 

When you find yourself slipping into a Hermit phase, as we are all prone to do from time to time, embrace it! Take a walk in the evening, go out and get the mental space you require in order to shed some light into those darkened recesses of your mind that are crying to be examined. In short, do whatever you need to do in order to achieve the peace of mind you desire.

For those of you who would like to know what further insights the Hermit has for you, please schedule a reading. Now let's open the floor for discussion, what's your preferred method for seeking peace of mind when your inner Hermit comes calling? I'm looking forward to hearing from you!