Sunday, April 22, 2012

Intimate Reflections – 78 Steps to Personal Clarity

I really can't remember what sparked my interest in the Tarot, what events transpired to put a deck in my hand and make me realize a hidden talent. I started young, that much I do know, but I don't believe age is any indication of ability. With patience, practice and trust in one's abilities, psychic talent can certainly be honed – this goes for the Tarot as well.

If I really had to put a finger on it, I would say my interest and dabbling in Tarot, Palmistry, and other methods of divination, began more as an interest in learning about topics we wouldn't normally cover in school. When it came time for a group project regarding a subject of our choosing, I would always railroad the discussion towards the history of divination. Anything that would allow me to paint my own tarot cards, read someone's palm in front of an audience, or otherwise make straight-laced people squirm as they felt their paradigms shifting. Seriously, I can think of at least school projects between middle school and college devoted to tarot and other forms of fortune telling – they were always a huge hit.

What began as a desire to stand out amongst my peers has developed into a deep respect for the Tarot and its ability to accurately reflect those areas in our lives needing the most attention. After all, we can't fix something unless we know it's broken, and the nice thing about the Tarot is each and every card gives practical advice towards lifting the burdens of life's challenges. The deck itself tells the story of the human experience, not just amongst the Major Arcana which describes a heroes journey - the way in which we must all establish our independence and forge a legacy - but also the Minor Arcana which describes the day to day toils and triumphs that shape our personality as we grow into our own.

Through the Tarot we come to learn that everything is connected, astronomy, numerology, elemental designations, even the various symbols used to demonstrate progression from one card to the next. From this we can begin to think of the Tarot as a smaller, hand-held version of our universe. A guidebook, of sorts, which contains all the answers of the world, just waiting for the questions to be asked and the reader to interpret the response. There's plenty of places you can go for free online tarot readings, but it helps to have a working knowledge of the tarot before putting too much stock in the guidance you receive. Seems there are resources a plenty, but when it comes to tarot readings you can trust, its better to seek a live individual, simply because they're better equipped to clarify gray areas or seemingly contradictory information.