Thursday, August 12, 2010

When Rolling With the Changes, Expect the Unexpected

I'd like to start by extending a word of thanks to my friend Joann Hamann-Buchanan, author of The 3 L's, Live, Laugh, Love. She's hosting a series dedicated to life-altering moments, and one of these stories happens to be my own.

Personal growth and the Law of Attraction may be hot topics these days, but they've been the central theme of the Tarot for hundreds of years. The prevailing theme of the 78 cards is one of personal responsibility; acknowledging the consequences of our actions shapes the experience of our lives. Yet even the most ancient of philosophies still can't deny the fact that sometimes things just happen.

When was the last time you were pleasantly surprised?

Show me someone who genuinely loves surprises, and I'll show you a person who hasn't experienced anything worse than finding a red sock in their previously white laundry. Most of Life's surprises tend to come in some gnarly packaging – like the time I found out my female cat was really a male, and had just impregnated his sister. Such an event tends to set a mighty fine argument for making a positive life change, such as neutering a pet early.

In the spirit of surprise luck, The Wheel of Fortune is a harbinger of blessings, some of which may be in disguise. 

A bit of Luck in heading your direction, unexpected and utterly out of the blue. Kind of like all those times your brother would shout “think fast!” and lob a baseball in the direction of your head. Remember those days? I sure do, and after a fair share of lumps, you better believe I've cultivated catlike reflexes. Speaking of siblings, did you know Lady Fortune is every bit as dumb, as her sisters Love and Justice are blind? Oh, she means well enough, she's sweet in her own goofy way.  Just don't bother asking her for directions because she can't tell you, but she can give you a compass, a crudely drawn map, and a few cryptic hints that you're heading in the right direction (i.e. when you get to old man Dodson's place, keep going; turn left at the second pick up truck; if you get stuck in the septic field you've gone too far).

Consider this card your compass, and the symbols upon it are your cryptic hints that act as landmarks on your journey. In time you'll be navigating Fortune's landscape so well you'll even be able to come through the septic field smelling like a rose.

As the namesake of this card, it's important to take a closer look at the symbolism of the Wheel. Since the days of ancient man, the Wheel acts as a symbol for mobility, revolution, and cycles. Across many translations of the word “wheel” the root definition seldom varies from circle, rotate, revolve, or move around. As a symbol for the law of attraction and the natural flow of energy, think of how often you've heard the phrase “what comes around, goes around.” When we consider the ease of the Wheel turning and flowing in motion, we are reminded of how our own lives move in much the same manner. Although we have old and new events - the hub of the wheel (symbolic of ourselves - our core nature) remains the same. Given the nature of a wheel to turn, take the advice at the core of your own nature, and roll with the changes. Adapt to the new environment and grow from the process, being resistant merely makes the changes more taxing. 

 Wielding the sword of Wisdom, the sphinx represents a stance of objectivity. Attitude is everything when it comes to the shaping of our perspective. Think of life like the weather – don't take it personally. Our thoughts manifest, so think on the sunny side, this is the Wheel of Fortune after all!

 We've seen this monkey before, he's Hanuman, the Hindu god worshiped as a symbol of physical strength, perseverance and devotion. Look how relaxed he is, his expression is so chill, not the least bit phased by the eventual downturn. He takes the highs with the lows, maintaining a flexible view of his circumstances. This kind of flexibility doesn't occur overnight, it takes practice, diligence and stretching.

Here we have the Egptian god, Souchos, the embodiment of creativity. Although a treacherous creature, the alligator was considered a benefactor of the land, analogous to the Nile itself whose threatening floodwaters nonetheless ensured the perpetuity of life. Notice how he's reaching toward something? He's not lounging around, waiting for the creative muse to arrive; instead, he's actively searching for ways to transform the world around him for the better. The embodiment of reaping what we sow.

If you would like to know what events Lady Fortune has in the works for you, book a reading.

Join in the discussion!  What's your experience with blessings in disguise?