Sunday, June 27, 2010

Top Five Things To Ask Your Psychic

Okay, not really. In fact, I think if you were to ask any of these, even in earnest, you'd find yourself with a face full of angry psychic. Consider this my tongue-in-cheek version of “Psychic Relations 101”. These are just the top five things I'm asked once someone hears I'm a Certified Tarot Master.

1 - Isn't it all fake?

Substitute “fake” for any synonym that also falls into the category of guesswork, make-believe, or entertainment, and you will know the single-most asked question I hear as a pschic. While many psychics around the world would likely say the same, I can only answer for myself when I say that what I do is not faked, guessed, made up, or delivered for the sake of parlor tricks.
Once upon a time, I worked for a gentleman who encouraged me to jump right into a reading with a client, touching upon the most commonly asked topics (work, money, relationships, love) in order to impress the client and (hopefully) encourage them to talk longer and spend more money. That working relationship didn't work out, but sadly I think a lot of really good psychics find themselves in similar situations when they're trying to find ways to share their gift with others. The fact is, I've been studying Tarot for nearly twenty years and I've been accurate enough times to know there's nothing fake about what I do.

2 - Does the Death card really signal a death?
Not at all! Death is a card with many different meanings and often hints at something as simple and symbolic as throwing out an old bath mat in order to prepare for a bathroom remodeling. Death, in terms of Tarot, means change; a releasing of something old in order to make room for something new. Oh, I'm sure there's the odd occasion where the Death card comes up as a warning of mortality, but every single time? No, and not even often enough to be worthy of such a bad reputation. The Death card is just one of many cards in the Tarot deck that speak of upcoming change, and if you're afraid of advice about what to expect as you face inevitable changes, a Tarot reading may not be for you. Besides, it's the Tower card that you need to watch out for as the harbinger of doom – muhahaha! I'm only half-serious. More on the meanings of individual cards in posts to come.

3 - How do you feel about consorting with the devil?
What? I didn't make this up. Honest. I'm imaginative and creative, I know, but not enough to concoct a question as outlandish as this. I can always tell when the question is coming, too, it doesn't take a psychic. From the wringing of the hands, to the eager gleam in the eye and the nervous chewing on the corner of the mouth, this is the picture of someone who desperately wants to hear what the cards have to say, all while ensuring that God will still love them after we part ways. When I was a younger, more naive Tarot reader, and people would ask me this question, I honestly thought they were talking about the actual Devil card from the Tarot deck. No lie. Even then, it evoked a giggle from me because the Devil card teaches us to seek balance between our work and our play, being careful to not allow ourselves to get too bogged down in one area or the other. In which case, I can't say that consorting with the Devil sounds so awful.
For those of you psychics who have trouble fielding this particular curve-ball. The next time a potential client asks you how you feel about doing the Devil's work, please feel free to adopt the following tactful response:
Psychic: Do you believe that all we can see, feel, hear, touch, smell, and experience is here because of God's will?
Client: Yes
Psychic: Isn't it safe to say, then, that the art of Tarot was possibly created by God?
Client: Hrmm, I had never thought of it that way.
Psychic: Do you pray to God for signs of guidance in times of uncertainty?
Client: Yes, I pray to God.
Psychic: Since these cards are part of God's will, and you often pray for signs of guidance from God, isn't it safe to say that the answers I provide are also touched by God?
Client: Well... yes... I suppose that could be true.
Psychic: Then I can't possibly be consorting with the devil, since it's more likely I'm doing God's work and you were guided to me for that very reason.
Client: Oh, I feel so much better now!

You see, my friends, people seek Tarot readers for many reasons, most often it's for comfort. I've come to realize that the question of consorting with the devil isn't intended as an insult towards me, it's a cry for soothing from the client.

4 - Don't I need to be in the room with you, or shuffle the deck, in order to get an accurate reading?
If you've ever had the experience where you thought of a certain someone all day only to hear from them later in the day, as if it were pure coincidence, you would already know that it's possible to connect with someone no matter the distance. The same holds true in the realm of Tarot; it's not mandatory for the client and reader to be in the same room, nor is it mandatory for the client to even touch the deck. If it were a requirement for the client to be present, or in contact with the deck, phone psychics all over the world would be out of business.

5 - If being able to read Tarot is a gift, why do you charge for readings?
I have worked for years to master the language of Tarot, and will continue studying as the years go on, much in the same way a surgeon works for years to master the particular method for safely extract a tumor. Am I likening myself to a Doctor? Kind of, but hear me out. A client is not paying for my gifted reading ability, my unique method of offering insight, my keen ability to hone in on those things causing them distress, or even my tactful way of empowering them to take steps towards positive, lasting change. That's just my particular bedside manner and comes with the package. What a client is actually paying for is my time. This is how I earn a living, I set aside a block of time to focus solely upon the needs of the client. Some readings take more time and effort than others, which is reflected in the price of the reading. I can't provide a service if I can't afford to stay in business, after all. Does this mean a client can expect a lesser amount of effort from a lesser priced reading? Absolutely not. I try to answer each and every question as thoroughly as possible and never charge an additional fee when clarification is needed.

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